(Darrell's &

Norma's Son)




(Nick's Wife)


(Darrell's &

Norma's Daughter)


(Darrell's Brother)


He has been in the business for many years in many aspects. He has done everything from meeting clients and signing the contracts to working with other auctioneers and auction companies as a ring man, a clerk, and an auctioneer. His voice will always be an honest one. It doesn't matter if the words are liked or disliked HONESTY WILL BE WHAT YOU HEAR!!

Nick has many years of experience in this business, He is not only our clerk and co-owner, he also clerks for other auction companies who are in need of a fast and precise clerk. He has the talent not only on paper, but also with a computer clerking. He has been a major asset to D and N Auctions.

What can be said? This hot shot has been in the business for more than 20 years. His mentorship has been the growing success for D and N Auctions. Ted owns Ted's Auction Service in Plymouth, Indiana. He has been the auctioneer for many years for a professional car Auction Service. Trust us his words are GOSPEL in this business.

She is more than just Darrell's wife. She has been the back bone of this business. She is an awesome clerk and has the expertise of setting up the sales. Her communication from start to finish with the clients gives and added assurance to them as they prepare. Her personal goal is to make it as easy as can be for all involved.

Kristi not only operates all the kitchen functions and prepares everything with her Safe Serve Certified Certification at our own sales, she also lends her talents with food to other auction companies. She also cashiers for other Auction Companies.

Joy handles all the money to the point that we think sometimes it is her own. No penny will be lost no matter how long it may take to find it. Joy takes her job as the most important part of D and N. She keeps a correct account of all coming in and out at all times and prides herself on her accuracy.

Duane has jumped into the business within the last 3 years at D and N. He has learned the YEP! very fast. Being a business manager for many years, his knowledge has been a great asset for our ventures.


Birth: January 2, 1953 - Death: March 2, 2015



Jack brings many years to the table in the business. He has been involved with auctions for over 20 years. Not only does he know the products, but he has the ability to set up a sale in a flow, that will make any auctioneer on the block look good.

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