Sales with an Impact

Our staff members possess a strong knowledge in the glass collecting world. Our strongest glass knowledge is in the Fenton glass product. After many tours to their factory, seeing the product, and speaking with the artist and the factory workers. D and N has the first had abilities to talk intelligently about glass products.

Jones Family Estates
D and N performed 3 Sales for this family.
The largest being that of one of the brother's business which started as a family business back in the 50's. This sale generated over 500 registered bidders from 13 different states. To know that a couple of the items are in a museum, makes for a great memory.
Their second sale generated another large crowd. The sale of the home on the auction block made for a great day.
The third Jones family auction was that of the other brother's shop and equipment. The huge crowd and the numbers at the end of the day exceeded D and N's expectations.

Cunningham Family Estates
D and N performed 2 Sales for this family.
The sale was that of all the tractors and equipment that were used to run the family farm. This husband and wife grew to become very close personal friends. What a wonderful thing.

Brown Family Estate
Along with the personal property came the sale of the home. It was a great day for the family to get more than their asking price, especially in this down turn of the economy.

Vivian Wilson Estate
This was our first home to sell without a live auction. This sale was all done through an open house and silent auction. To get it sold the same day was like a dream.

The Yearly Cub Scout Cake Auction
We take a lot of pride in this benefit. Everyone from the Mayor, the Commissioners, A Circuit Court Judge, to the everyday working person has been involved. It is an honor, to say the least, for D and N Auctions.

The Starke County Fair 4H Live Stock Auction
You know that it is all going for the kids and that is what makes the difference.